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Our Company

Our mission is to provide everyone the opportunity to own a business of their own, supplement their income and improve their way of life.

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Club Cornerstone

Times are tough. Millions of families struggle each day to make ends meet. So what are our options? Dad works two jobs? Mom goes back to work and leaves the kids alone during the day? The solution is Club Cornerstone.

Club Cornerstone is a unique company that provides a viable business in which anyone can earn a secondary source of income.

The Company That Cares

Club Cornerstone was formed to provide everyone a better way of life. We're a unique Buyers Club that provides real savings on the products we all use. Instead of selling expensives products that no one needs, Cornerstone sells affordable brand named products everyone knows and trusts. Club Members earn money by sharing with others the products they use every day.

A Home Based Business

  • The products are used by everyone
  • The products are reasonably priced
  • The products are household consumables
  • You don't have to sell anything to anyone

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