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Signing Up

Membership Fees

Inviting Friends

Charities and Giving Back

Buying Products

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Common Pushbacks while Inviting Friends

The Club Member Dashboard

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Signing Up 

Q. How do I Sign Up?

A. It’s easy, click on Sign Up at the top right of the page and follow the continue options until your registration is complete (Quick Help: How to Sign Up) 


Q. How do I Login and access my account for the first time?

      1. Click on the following: Link to Reset Your Password
      2. Enter your “Email Address” and click the “Submit” button.
      3. Customer Support will send you an email. Open the email and click the “Reset Password” button.
      4. When your browser window opens, type in a Password that you will remember.
      5. Go to the Home Page and click on the “Login” icon at the top of the page. 
      6. Enter your Email Address and Password to login to your Dashboard. 


Q. What should I do after Signing up?

      1. Help Club Cornerstone create the most powerful e-commerce Shopping Club in the world
             -  Invite your Friends. They’ll love Club Cornerstone too.
             -  Invite your closest Friends personally.
             -  Then share your Personalized Link to a much wider audience on all of your favorite Social Media sites.
      2. Encourage your friends to get started and become a Bronze Member.
      3. Help them get their first few friends signed up. It just takes a few minutes.
      4. Login to your Club Cornerstone Dashboard and verify all your member information is correct. 
      5. Activate your BonusBin account from your Member Dashboard.


Q. How is Club Cornerstone different from other e-commerce sites? 

Club Cornerstone…

-  Purchases directly from manufacturers and wholesalers, eliminating the middle man mark-up.
-  Household products we all use every day.
-  Is constantly looking for new household and personal care items at great prices.
-  Offers its members a commission similar to an affiliate program.

Club Cornerstone is like Amazon Prime with an Affiliate Program!


Q. Do I have to purchase inventory or sell products?

A. No, you never have to purchase any inventory or sell any products. Club Cornerstone is a “Shopping Club” so all the items you purchase can be used by you and your family. 


Membership Fees 

Q. How much does it cost to join Club Cornerstone?  

A. Club Cornerstone has a modest annual membership fee of $25 which has been waived during the initial Launch of Club Cornerstone. This works out to less than 50¢ per week.


Inviting Friends

Q. What is the best way to Invite Friends?

A. First, take a few moments to share your Personalized Link on your favorite Social Media sites to reach a wide audience. When they click on your Personalized Link they automatically select you as their sponsor. Then, Invite your closest friends with a personal touch such as a text followed by a phone call. 

When you’re talking with your friends, encourage them to start inviting their friends right away to join Club Cornerstone. It might even be smart to help them reach out to one or two friends, initially, to show them how easy it is. It just takes a couple of minutes. 


Q. Why should I sponsor people to join Club Cornerstone?

A. Once you have sponsored 1 person to join Club Cornerstone, you are eligible to earn commissions on up to two (2) individuals. Once you sponsor 3 people you'll be promoted to the rank of Bronze. Now you the eligible to earn commission on the people directly below you for two levels (a potential total of 6 people). If you sponsored 3 of these people you receive 10% commission for each of the 3 sponsored and an additional 5% for others. This could result in 45% in commissions. 

Sponsor 3 more and your team expands from a 2x2 to a 3x3 for a potential team volume of 39 members. At this point your commissions should start to add up… 


Q. What is the best way to maximize my commissions?

A. You can maximize your commissions by:

        1. Enroll into the auto ship program to ensure you make your monthly purchases
        2. Sharing your Personalized Link with your friends on the Social Media sites
        3. Sponsoring a total of 21 members
        4. Helping your friends share Club Cornerstone with their friends.

Club Cornerstone can be as successful as you make it… 


Charity and Giving Back 

Q. Why does Club Cornerstone focus so much on charities and giving back?

A. Club Cornerstone was founded by businessmen with decades of experience in mass merchandise retail business. We committed on day 1 to make Club Cornerstone a value not only to our members but also the community.

The foundation of Club Cornerstone is building a member friendly shopping club and giving back to those less fortunate. We invite you to join us in both initiatives.


Q. How does Club Cornerstone support Charities?

A. Club Cornerstone has two main charity initiatives.

1. We are committed to give to nationally recognized charities suggested by our members and approved by our advisory board. Our Initial Charities which will receive Club Cornerstone Corporate Charity Recipients are:

               The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 
               Meals on Wheels Association

2. Club Cornerstone members are provided the opportunity to designate their monthly purchase of household and personal care items to one of our two pre-approved charities.

               World Vision
               The Salvation Army 

World Vision and The Salvation Army have created shopping baskets of items which they desperately need on a monthly basis. We encourage you to consider this option when selecting items to purchase.


Q. What Charities does Club Cornerstone Support?

A. Club Cornerstone has elected to focus on a limited number of charities during our start-up (World Vision, the Salvation Army, The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Meals on Wheels Association). It is our desire to expand this list with additional charities as we continue to grow and share the blessing of Club Cornerstone.


Q. Will other Charities be considered?

A. Yes, we invite our members to email us with their suggestions of charities to be considered. The advisory committee will meet quarterly and review this list to determine which if any should be added to our outreach. Please note that we prefer to limit the number in proportion to the funds available as to have a dramatic impact on those we select as opposed to having a hundred approved charities that each only receive a very little.

Product Donations can be shipped ship to local charities or religious organizations that have been approved by club cornerstone. For more information regarding charity donations email


Buying Products  

 Q. Do I have to purchase Inventory?

A. No, in Club Cornerstone you never have to buy and store inventory. Products are sold directly by Club Cornerstone to your customers. You could think of it like Amazon Prime with an affiliate program.

Monthly commissions are only available to Preferred Club Members once they enroll at least one (1) person and have met the monthly minimum requirements as stated in the Club Cornerstone Payment Plan. One of these requirements is to generate a personal volume of at least $70 a month. 

The $70 monthly personal volume requirement enables us to pay monthly commissions. We are constantly working to provide you the best value for the money you spend each month.


Q. Do I have to buy products monthly?

A. Only if you want to be eligible to receive a monthly commission. To receive your monthly commission you will need to meet all the requirements of the Club Cornerstone Commission Plan.


Q. Do I have to pay Sales Tax & Shipping?

A. Club Cornerstone only charges sales tax for members who have product shipped to Nebraska, New Jersey and Utah. All order of $70 or more receive Free Shipping. For orders less than $70, the shipping charge will be determined by the weight of your order and the zip code of your receiving location.


Q. How many Products are there to choose from and are you expanding the selections?

A. As of May 2016, there are over 1,800 household and personal care products on Club Cornerstone. We have a goal of increasing this to over 3,000 products this summer. We only add products that are either popular with our members or have a good value.

Email us if there is a product or category of items you would like to see added. Help us make Club Cornerstone the best shopping club on the Internet.


Q. Does Club Cornerstone ship outside the United States?

A. No, at this time Club Cornerstone is only open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and all orders must be shipped to an address within this area.


Q. Can I cancel an order or return a shipment?

A. The fulfillment of your order begins as soon as you submit on the Purchase Page and the purchase cannot be stopped once submitted. Please refer to the Club Cornerstone Return Policy for instructions on how to return an order if you do not wish to keep it. Not all items may be returned for refund and restocking fees may apply.


Your Personalized Link  

Q. What is a Personalized Link and how is it Used?

A. When you join Club Cornerstone you are given the opportunity to create a “USERNAME”. This User Name is unique to you. When you replace the “www” of www.clubcornerstone with your USERNAME it becomes a Personalized Link that will allow people to automatically be sponsored by you and in your downline if they enroll after opening it.

Example: If your User Name is randy-miller then your Personal Link would be:

Once you log into the Club Cornerstone Member Dashboard you will see your Personal Link in the URL Address line at the top of the page.





Q. What if they don’t use my Personalized Link but go directly to Club Cornerstone to sign up?

A. If one of your friends, family or contacts tries to enroll on Club Cornerstone without using your Personal Link, they will be asked for the USERNAME of their Sponsor. You will need to tell them your USERNAME.


Q. How can I locate my USERNAME?

A. You can view your USERNAME by signing into the Club Cornerstone Club Member Dashboard and going to the “Profile” page (see below).




Commissions and Getting Paid 

Q. How do I earn Commissions?

A. Commissions are paid to any member that recruits at least one person and meets the minimum rank requirements as found in the Club Cornerstone Compensation Plan. Commissions are paid at the rate of 10% for everyone personally enrolled in your immediate downline for your rank and 5% for all other members in your immediate downline.

Ranks are as follows:

Associate = 1 x 2 matrix (potential of 2 total members)
Bronze = 2 x 2 matrix (potential of 6 total members)
Silver = 3 x 3 matrix (potential of 39 total members)
Gold = 4 x 4 matrix (potential of 340 total members)
Ruby = 5 x 5 matrix (potential of 3,905 total members)
Diamond = 6 x 6 matrix (potential of 55,986 total members) 

If each member in your downline makes a minimum monthly purchase of $70 and you receive an average 5% commission, or $3.50, the numbers could add up…


Q. Are Commissions paid in Cash or only as a Credit to my Account?

A. Commissions are placed into your BonusBin Account. The BonusBin is like an electronic Wallet. You can use the commissions in your BonusBin to make future purchases or you can request them to be transferred to your personal checking account. Club Cornerstone can also send you a paper check if desired for a small fee. Refer to the BonusBin Agreement for details.


Q. How do I activate my BonusBin Account?

A. Log into your Club Cornerstone Dashboard and click on the BonusBin link on the Left navigation menu.

You will now need to:

          1. Enter your birth date (to ensure you are of legal age) 
          2. Enter your Social Security Number (for end of year Tax processing)
          3. Read and Accept the BonusBin Terms and Conditions. 

If you desire to have the funds electronically transmitted to your personal bank checking account (ACH) you should complete the required banking and routing information.


Common Pushbacks while Inviting Friends 

 Q. This sounds too good to be true…

A. Club Cornerstone is an ecommerce buying club so you never have to purchase, store and sell inventory. You simply purchase some of the monthly items you use that you would normally purchase from the Big Box retailer.

Club Cornerstone has no brick & mortar store, eliminates the middle man and maintains a low overhead. This means the savings is returned to you as commissions. 

As you share Club Cornerstone with your friends and families our purchasing power will grow, our inventory of items will grow and hopefully your commissions will grow. All while we are setting aside a portion of all proceeds to give back to the charities serving those in need.


Q. It’s just another MLM…

A. Club Cornerstone is more like an e-commerce shopping club with an affiliate program.

By eliminating the distributor and brick & mortar retailer Club Cornerstone is able to distribute those savings to not only its members but also national charities. 

Your success is based upon your effort and ability to share your shopping experience with others. Sharing the benefits of Club Cornerstone helps everyone to save and allows you to earn commissions from those whom you sponsor each time they purchase.


Q. For many items, my local Big Box retailer is still a little cheaper….

A. Everyone knows that the Big Box retailer has huge buying power and often offers a low price on what they sell. Club Cornerstone makes every attempt to offer a reasonable price. We may not beat the Big Box retailer but we often match or beat the local grocery or pharmacy.

Also you should note, the Big Box Retailer will not give you a 10% discount for everyone standing in line behind you at the checkout, nor will they compensate your for those who shop at their store at your recommendation. They keep 100% of the profits.

We’re not asking you to switch your entire monthly budget to Club Cornerstone, only a portion of it. If you keep shopping at the Big Box retailer exclusively, you may save a little but they will keep all the profits. If you switch a portion to Club Cornerstone, you have the opportunity to earn commissions that may very well exceed your monthly spending at Club Cornerstone and the Big Box retailer.


The Club Member Dashboard

Q. How Can I view all the Club Members in my organization?

A. Members in your organization are viewable in Club Member Dashboard. Click on the “Tree View” option at the top of the Left Navigation menu. Click on the “Placement” box near the top of this page. This will display a graphical tree view of all the club members in your downline. This will include everyone you have sponsored, everyone your downline members have sponsored and anyone placed in your tree by our system. You can use the + and – buttons to Zoom in and Zoom out.


Q. Why are there club members under me who I did not recruit?

A. Club Cornerstone occasionally has individuals who want to join the club and do not have a sponsor. These new members are added randomly across the membership base. It is possible that one will be added to your downline team. It is also possible that one of the members you recruited has also recruited a new member that was added under them as part of your downline team.


Q. How can I view the Club Members I have Sponsored?

A. Personally Enrolled Members are viewable in Club Member Dashboard. Click on the “Tree View” option at the top of the Left Navigation menu. Click on the “Sponsor” box near the top of this page. This will display a graphical tree view of all the club members you have sponsored. Everyone that is directly connected to the circle with you name in it has been sponsored by you. The members to the right are those in you downline that were sponsored by someone you sponsored. You can use the + and – buttons to Zoom in and Zoom out.


Q. How Can I enter my Contact, Billing and Shipping information?

A. Login to the Club Member Dashboard. At the bottom of the Dashboard page you will find an “Account Information” section. You can edit all of your contact information from this area.


Q. How can I View or Change my UserName, Phone Number, email address? 

A. Login to the Club Member Dashboard. Click on the “Profile” menu selection on the Top Right of the page. From here you can edit your account information or change your UserName, Phone Number or email.


Q. How can I change my Password?

A. If you do not remember you password or are setting it for the first time, you should...

        1. Click on the login link at the top right of the page
        2. Now click on the Forgot your Password? link on the bottom right of the Sign In page
        3. Enter your email address 
        4. In about 10 minutes Club Cornerstone will email you a link to resent you password.

If you know your password and simply want  to chang it you should...

        1. Login to the Club Member Dashboard.
        2. Scroll down this page to the bottom where you will find a “Contact Information” section.  
        3. Click the blue “change password” phrase and create a new password.


Q. How Can I view my Rank and what is needed to progress to the next Rank? 

A. Login to the Club Member Dashboard. The middle of this page will show you your current Rank Status and what is needed to progress to the next Rank. Be sure to share your Personalized Link with your friends and family as you share Club Cornerstone.


Q. Where Can I view my Commission Earned? 

A. Login to the Club Member Dashboard. Click on the “Commission” link in the left navigation menu. This page will provide you a history of all the commissions that have been paid to your account.


Q. Where Can I view Commission (BonusBin) payment history? 

A. Login to the Club Member Dashboard. Click on the “BonusBin” link in the left navigation menu. This page will provide you summary of your current funds as well as a transaction history of all payouts.


Q. Is there a place for me to enter my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn URL? 

A. Yes. Login to the Club Member Dashboard. Click on the “Profile” menu selection on the Top Right of the page. From here you can enter (or edit) your Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Pinterest URL or LinkedIn URL.



Q. What is the BonusBin? 

A. The BonusBin is like an electronic wallet. This is the place where Club Cornerstone places the commissions you earn as a Preferred Club member. You can use these funds to make product purchases or you can withdraw the funds.


Q. I do not see the BonusBin as a payment method for my order, why?

A. Before you can use BonusBin funds to make a product purchase you must first:

      1. Log into your Club Cornerstone account
      2. Click on “Dashboard” from the top menu
      3. Click on “BonusBin” from the left menu
      4. Now enter your Birthdate and Social Security number and then read and accept the Terms and Conditions. 

Your Bonus Bin account will now be active and the funds will be available to use for product purchase or withdrawal.


Q. How are funds added to my BonusBin Account? 

A. Funds are added to your BonusBin Account when you earn commissions based on the Club Cornerstone compensation plan rules.


Q. How can I withdraw funds from my BonusBin Account? 

A. You may withdraw funds once you have a balance of at least $10.00. You can transfer it to your personal checking account by requesting an ACH transfer (no fee for the transfer) or you can request a paper check to be printed and mailed to you (a $3.00 service fee will be charged for each paper check). We suggest you leave a balance of funds in this account to use for future product purchases.


Q. What if my BonusBin account balance is not enough to purchase my pending order? 

A. During the checkout process you can use your Bonus Bin funds to pay for the first part of your pending order and a credit card to pay for the remaining balance.


Q. Can I use my BonusBin for automatic monthly reorders? 

A. Yes, you will need to make sure you leave enough funds in your Bonus Bin account to cover each purchase. We also recommend you leave a credit card on file to be used in the event the Bonus Bin does not contain sufficient funds to cover your purchase.


Q. Why does Club Cornerstone need my Social Security number? 

A. As a Preferred Club Member you are an independent contractor and shall receive a annual 1099 Income Tax Statement from Club Cornerstone. The IRS requires Club Cornerstone to submit a copy of this 1099 to them with your social security number.


Q. Why does Club Cornerstone need my Birth Date?

A. Only adults over the age of 18 years can become Preferred Club Members and earn commissions in Club Cornerstone?