Project Cornerstone


At the heart of Club Cornerstone, our business is built on values, humanity, opportunity and a strong sense of community. In alignment with these beliefs is our unique charity program, “Project Cornerstone”. Club Cornerstone has partnered with several vetted non-profit charities allowing Club Members to be actively involved by donating personal care and household goods to help those in need. Such organizations include:



These charities have significant unmet needs in providing basic healthcare and personal care items to those they serve. Club Cornerstone has met with each organization and have developed several “Charity Bundles” of items that are desperately needed. We encourage Club Members to satisfy their $70 monthly Personal Volume requirement by donating to a charity of their choice. Simply select one of the Charity Bundles below. The Charity Bundle will be shipped by Club Cornerstone directly to that charity's distribution center.

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(toothbrushes & toothpaste, feminine care products)
(soap, men’s & women’s deodorant, baby wipes)
(hair & body wash, deodorant, razors & toothbrushes)
(toothpaste, razors deodorant, & feminine care)
(soap, razors, toothpaste, feminine care products)

Additional Memberships

Club rules allow one Club Membership per social security or EIN number, per household. However, members are allowed a second club membership provided the $70 order is donated to charity. To enable a second Club Membership contact

Multiple Income Streams

Additional club memberships provide Club Members with additional “Legs”. Each of these legs provide for multiple income streams thus multiplying earning potential. The possibilities of this incentive program is very exciting and will support our endeavor to assist the families that need help the most.